Year 2

Phonics Monday 1st March

Phonics Friday 26th February

Maths Friday 26th February

English Friday 26th February

English Thursday 25th February

Phonics Thursday 25th February


Ordering lengths

Phonics Wednesday 24th February

Wednesday 24th February English

Maths 24.2.21

Comparing lengths

English Tuesday 23rd February

What do you like about our new book- Wombat goes Walkabout? Look at our creative lesson for today to find out more about all the animals in the story.

Phonics Tuesday 23rd February

23.2.21 Maths

Measuring in metres

Phonics Monday 22nd February

22.2.21 Maths- Unit 8 Lesson 1

Measuring in CM

22.2.21 Maths Covid Catch up - describing positions

Maths Friday 12th February

End of Unit Test

Friday 12th February 2021 English

Friday- Vocabulary and Reading

Thursday- Vocabulary and Reading

Maths Thursday 11th February

* The power point says January but it is supposed to say February.. sorry* Revision for tally charts and pictograms

Thursday 11th February English

Maths Wednesday 10th February

English Wednesday 10th February

Wednesday- Vocabulary and Reading

Wednesday Phonics

Tuesday 9th February English

Maths Tuesday 9th February

Tuesday- Vocabulary and Reading

Monday 8th February English

Maths Monday 8th February

Monday- Reading and Vocabulary

Phonics- Monday 8th February

Phonics Friday 5th February

Maths 5.02.21

English Friday 5th February

Vocabulary and Reading - Thursday 4th February

English Thursday 3rd

Maths 4.02.21

Phonics and reading Wednesday 3rd February

Wednesday 3rd

Maths 2.02.2021

Reading and Vocabulary Tuesday 2nd February

Maths Tuesday 2nd February

English Tuesday 2nd February

Phonics and Vocabulary Monday 1st February

Maths Monday 1st February

English Monday 1st February

English Friday 28th January

Phonics Friday 29th January

Maths 29.1

Thursday 28th January English Lesson

Wednesday 27th January English Lesson

Phonics, Vocabulary and Reading 28th January

Maths Thursday 28.01.21

Maths 27.1

Vocabulary and Reading Wednesday 27th January

Tuesday 26th January English

Phonics Tuesday 26th January 2021

English Monday 25th January

Maths 26

Vocabulary and reading Monday 25th January 2021

25.1.21 Maths

Maths lesson. Friday 22nd January

English Friday 22nd January 2021

Friday Vocabulary and Reading

Friday Phonics

English Thursday 21st January

Maths Lesson 21st January


Thursday- Vocabulary and Reading

Maths Wednesday 20th January

English 20th January 2021

Reading Wednesday 20th January

Wednesday and Thursday Phonics

English Tuesday 19th January

Maths Tuesday 19th January

Here is your maths lesson for Tuesday 19th January where we will be exploring solving word problems involving multiplication.

Tuesday 19th January - Vocabulary and reading

Reading- Monday 18th January

Phonics 18th january

Maths 18.01

English Monday 18th January

Phonics Friday 15th January

igh sound aw sound u-e sound

Maths 15.1.21

unit 5 lesson 7

Friday 15th January 2021

Creating a character description.

English Thursday 14th January

Adjectives to describe

Phonics Thursday 14th January

u-e sound ou sound o-e sound

Maths 14.1.21

Phonics- Wednesday 13th January

u-e sound ou sound o-e sound

Maths 13.01.2021

Wednesday 13th January 2021

Sequence Baba Yaga using time openers

English Tuesday 12th January 221


Phonics Tuesday 12th January

Maths 12.01.21

Phonics lesson Monday 11th January

English Monday 11th January 2020

Listen to the story of Baba Yaga, can you say what you like and dislike about the text?

Maths- Monday 11th January 2021

Phonics 8.01.2021

English Friday 8th January

Here is out second English lesson, looking at our new story Baba Yaga! Today we will explore how to use our inference skills.

8.1.21 Maths

Lesson 2 Multiplication

English Thursday 7th January

Here we will take a look at our brand new book for this half term: Baba Yaga!

Phonics- Mrs Mann

Phonics lesson for children who work with Mrs Mann, Mrs Chevers, Mrs Harwood or Mrs Hussain during class.

Thursday 7th January Maths

Making equal groups